In an effort to re-engage with social media in a way that held my attention and challenged the constraints of Instagram as an online publishing platform, I devised @infinite_canvas. The work experiments with the visual restrictions of the Instagram grid and a serves dumping ground for all of the media that would otherwise sit unused in my phone and computer.  It is my public mind map; a never-ending collage that merges, mixes and distorts art, objects and things I find in the the world and the web. As I continue to add to the work, the concept of scrolling – that simple action by which we control information flow – takes on a greater significance.

The best way to experience this project is within the Instagram app, please check it out that way if you can. 

Otherwise, click here to see the feed in your browser (less optimal).

Rows 18 - 21, @infinite_canvas, 2018.

Rows 18 - 21, @infinite_canvas, 2018.