Collaboration: Lauren Shoemaker

Lauren Shoemaker (my wife) and I are planning on going to BANFF Centre this summer to work on a collaboration involving dance and live drawing with projectors.  We are starting to experiment with this new type of collaborative language.  This is one such experiment, where Lauren moves to a simple set of instructions within 4 quadrants (like the game twister).  The thought process behind this being that if I am able to dictate her movement to such simple quadrants, I can easily draw approximately to such "zones" of my digital canvas.  We plan to work out other games that reverse the roles and play with other elements of the collaboration.  Here is the video...

And here is a summary of our collaboration:
Lauren and Broderick are working on a new collaboration that fuses drawing and movement.  Using a projector, a drawing app and an iPad, Broderick draws in real-time as Lauren dances.  These short performance pieces are their first attempt to fuse the visual and dance mediums into a working language.  Starting with a series of still images created by projection drawing onto the dancer, they hope to expand the work into full-fledged movement pieces.  The summer intensive program at Banff is their first opportunity for a fully-focused attempt to achieve this new type of collaborative language.