Painting with Myself: The Infinite Canvas No. 3

The idea came to me to keep moving with my projects in process/perpetual alteration.  I also want this piece to address the digital migration - which is what I'm calling our collective movement into our devices.  This first effort is me painting with a single projection.  Here is how it works:
The left side is the projection.  I recorded myself drawing the left hand side of a face.  I then put a blank sheet over that drawing, project the recording onto it and then record myself drawing the right hand side of the face "with" the projection.  Here is the video...

Infinite Canvas No. 3

Obviously I need to improve the sound quality.  I'm hoping to get feedback about how to move forward with this.  I have thought of a few questions:

  • Should I draw/paint something more abstract?
  • How could I bring projection mapping into this?
  • Would you like to see the final performance as me drawing with my own projections OR me projection drawing with my iPad with all of the projections?
  • Is there a way to get better film quality (it needs to be shot in relative darkness because of the projection)?  I have a starter lens for my Panasonic GH2.