Update: Dance and Projection Drawing in Residency

Lauren and I went to Joya: AiR (Artist in Residence) in Southern Spain to continue working on our projection and dance collaboration.  It went well.  We spent the first day talking about what we should do for the week, which led us to build a simple grid for me and her to follow - the thought being that it would allow us an easy entryway to line up the line with movement.  So much as a stage is a grid of nine points (front stage right, center, left, middle right etc...), my canvas mirrors those points. 

A sample of the simple drawings I used as loose direction for the dancer.

A sample of the simple drawings I used as loose direction for the dancer.

My drawing would be used as a source of interpretation for Lauren to make a movement sequence.  Similarly, Lauren filmed herself doing movement sequences which I interpreted.  We worked with six counts. 

This got us working but what it doesn't get us to where we want to be: working at the same time and reacting to one another's medium: Lauren dancing, Brick drawing and doing those two things in response to one another.  So after we did our due diligence with this practice exercise, we get into the studio with a projector and started to use these drawing patterns as a starting point for the collaborative process. 

We stuck to the drawing and dance sequences at least loosely but towards the end we realized that a more improvisational approach is the next step in this process.  Overall, the week at the residency allowed for a lot of beginning stage work to be done.  Having that amount of  quiet time to think about this uncharted territory and develop a path to follow was invaluable.  We plan to look for more residency opportunities after I graduate from DIAP.