Getting to the Black Box and Next Steps

I finished up this projection drawing series this week.  Ultimately, I am not going to pursue this direct line of work for a couple of reasons.  1) It only produces a truly visual final product in the form of a video which doesn't hold appeal to me because I want to create actual objects and 2) the amount of space required to create these the way I want to would require me to work outside of my studio space and that's not an ideal situation for the summer.

That being said, however, this work has lead me to clarification about my thesis year.  This idea of multiple representations (in this work it is of the self working in the studio) of some thing can take on many forms.  I want to pursue the idea in a broader and more immersive way.  An intuitive sense of our own perceptive limitations emerges when we start to see the same object represented in many forms.  So instead of just multiplying through a projection, I am going to represent in many forms: digital, physical, painted, shadow, light...

The best way I see to do this for now is to follow my own instincts as to the form of this project.  The tension between "natural"/"technological" and "analog"/"digital" are guiding my thought process on the many representations an object can take on.  The form for now is the tree, which itself is a metaphor for growth and emergence.  Much as knowledge and its many branches are represented by the tree, the tree itself is represented in its many forms, the logic of the project following the form it explores.