Staying Paranoid

A lot of reading and writing this summer brought me to a conclusion I've always known: paranoia of technology runs in my family!  Mostly as a joke, but it underlines a general distrust of the loss of privacy and the autonomy of the individual.  This type of humor is embodied in the video I made of my dad's voicemails:

What does this mean for my second year of graduate school?  That I am going to let this skepticism of technology into my artwork.  As of now, it's taking a "writing on the wall" feeling.  I am covering the walls of my studio with painting and drawing, I'll add some lights and wires later.  Here's an image:


As of now I'm just letting myself go free.  The overarching aesthetic is the image of man bent, increasingly more and more, looking into a device which shines into his face.